HEART PROJECT consists of artists and animators coming together to create our own collaborative works and stories all under one flag.
For the time being, HEARTPROJECTFUTURE is under construction, and we are looking to turn this website into a quick access for all the projects, and perhaps later on a larger insight into the world of Heartland. For now, we'll just post upcoming projects under the name. :)

yunero @ITZGOOD2BKING - novaheaded @novaheaded2 - aeuniverse @Axel_L_Eiche - kufi @kUFI_71 - dethbot @TheDethbot
discord server
website by zod/zodiac


The first HEART PROJECT animation collab, featuring:

• Low Effort
• Comedy! (debatable)
• Inside Jokes!
• Your favorite animators!
• Backhanded Insults!
• A Friendly Environment! (debatable)

[Join the NIPS Collab Discord Server to participate!]